Lets Get Acquainted

Starting with The Boss

Hello and Welcome to Bradford LifeStyles.

I’m Kevin Thibault, The Founder/Owner/General Manager of The Bradford LifeStyles E-commerce website.

Kevin Thibault Founder/Owner Bradford LifeStyles

Glad to meet you and thank you for stopping by and visiting Bradford LifeStyles. I’ll bring you up to speed on who and what we are, What we do and a little company history and timeline.

In a Nutshell…

Bradford LifeStyles is an online retail website featuring thousands, of consumer products in dozens of categories.

From Home Living essentials to Outdoor living and lifestyle needs like Hunting, Fishing, Hiking, Camping, Tactical, Survival gear, accessories and necessities. We sell it! We buy direct from the factory warehouses and ship directly to your door or place of business. Our suppliers are some of the most popular well known, loved and trusted brand names in the industry.

Bradford LifeStyles is a privately owned and operated company with our headquarters based at 547 Boston street Lynn, Massachusetts. 01905

The Goal, The Mission:

To Win The Hearts, Minds, and Wallets of E-commerce Shoppers and Businesses Across America and Beyond.

Little Background Information

A Carpenter and Plumber by trade I worked most of my adult life in the building trade, building and remodeling new homes throughout Boston’s North Shore and surrounding area.

I’ve had the privilege, honor, and pleasure of working with some truly outstanding and skilled people throughout my career building and remodeling dozens and dozens of Beautiful homes and Landmarks throughout greater Boston’s northern suburbs and points north to New Hampshire and Maine while raising my family and living the American Dream.

From Castle building to E-commerce Website Building.

The Short Version:

I’ve always been somewhat of an entrepreneurial spirit driven type of guy engaging in a various business ventures and start up efforts throughout my working career Building New Homes. Along with having hands on experience and working knowledge from working in both retail and wholesale back in the stone age prior to entering the trades.

Thus with the new world, millennium and internet age, upon us. E-commerce seemed like a perfect fit for my retirement years to keep busy and keep working and connecting with people.

But from the comfort of my Home. I’m getting older and As much as I love the trades, the idea of trudging around in cold, wet snowy New England winters and scorching dog day heat of her summers doesn’t quite sit right with me. I’ve paid my dues, lived the dream and built the dream homes of dozens of Americans and reaped the rewards.

My focus now and for the past five years has been working on building a new E-commerce cyber home and beautiful internet landmark that I hope will win the hearts, minds and wallets of American E-commerce Shoppers.

If I can do that, I open the door to the opportunity and possibility of capturing a portion of that 500+ Billion Dollar American E-commerce market share. But it gets even better than that; but more on that later.

Prior to 2015

I had for several years maintained a few different online blogs with short stories, and poetry. In 2015 I set forth on a project to monetize my web presence and build my Web Castle.

Affiliate marketing seemed the appropriate starting place. Within Twelve months I was hosting advertisements for approximately Four Hundred E-commerce merchants from around the globe on the Bradford LifeStyles website, with secondary advertising and selling platforms such as Amazon, eBay, the Sears Marketplace and a hand full of social media sites.

Throughout 2016-2017

I began shifting the Bradford LifeStyles website away from Affiliate marketing after moving the site to a new web hosting platform. I began rebuilding and re branding the Bradford LifeStyles website focusing on selling direct from the website.

After experimenting with a variety of web layouts, designs and color schemes and large assortment of product categories a decision was made to focus on just Outdoor Living and Lifestyle gear and adopted the site tagline “Your One Stop Internet E-commerce Shop for All You’re Outdoor Living and Lifestyle Needs”

Getting Our Feet Wet 2017 Through 2019

The Awakening, The Storms, and struggle to stay afloat and survive in the E-commerce arena

The shift, from our first host and safe harbor, Squarespace; which was a simple drag and drop platform with preformatted pages and templates to pick and choose from; To hosting on WordPress which required some knowledge and skill of coding. Was a difficult one.

The Armada of e-commerce merchants had been dismantled and I was now alone sailing uncharted territory and endured several E-commerce and Tech storms along the way.

As a Carpenter and Builder give me some wood, a saw and hammer and I can perform miracles unfortunately not so with coding and website building, but I trudged forward and didn’t give up and remained determined and steadfast in learning and practicing my newfound coding knowledge and skills.

I engaged in building the Bradford LifeStyles E-commerce website from scratch, experimenting with various designs, layouts, color schemes, and modifications along the way while selling and advertising American Made products and Companies and e-commerce merchants, with our specialty niche “Outdoor Living and Lifestyle products”.

Looking to 2020 & Beyond

Operation Stone Age; Rebuilding New Beginnings

With Autumn and the 2019 holiday shopping season, New Year, and new Decade approaching I felt the itch for a new look and design for the Bradford LifeStyles website.

WordPress recently added a number of additional features and tools that simplify the process of building websites for non-geeky type novices such as myself so I’m taking advantage or this and began rebuilding the site once again with a new look, feel, color scheme and design.

Had it not been for the fantastic WordPress support team of Happiness Engineers, I would have never weathered some of the storms I encountered and would have been shipwrecked for sure.

During the construction of the new site our online payment gateways will be closed and we will be taking phone orders only.

I have not, as of yet, established an official Relaunch Date but. I’m leaning toward January 1, 2020 and starting the New Year and Decade off with a “New Beginnings” theme to celebrate our fifth-year anniversary online.

The best way to stay updated on my progress and featured products, events, sales etc would be to follow the Bradford LifeStyles Blog.

 I welcome everyone to follow along with me on this journey.

The Five Year Milestone and Goal

  • Rebuild & Redesign the Bradford LifeStyles Website.
  • Expand our Horizons
  • Get noticed
  • Boost web traffic volume
  • Establish a geographic network of businesses and consumers
  • Win the hearts, minds and wallets of Americans.
  • Build a system and network that will not only save consumers and shoppers money, but also create a cash flow machine for anyone willing to work hard in helping to build and grow Bradford LifeStyles.

We’ll have lots to talk about and discuss that will all be posted in our blog. You’ll have to follow and/or subscribe to stay updated on progress and current events.

But for now, That’s the Jest of it; Who I am, Where I come from, and a little history of the Bradford LifeStyles Story.

Our Google Business Listing page can viewed HERE.

Please Note: This page has not been post covid updated