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Hello World,

Squiggly the Editor here with an update on Bradford LifeStyles post covid relaunch.

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Our Blog and Newsletter, News on the Wings, is now live, subscribers and followers will soon be receiving our newsletter in your email inboxes.

Our new ecommerce store is still under construction and undergoing updates, reorganization and modifications.

We’re looking forward to our relaunch and serving you soon!!!

M.A.K.A.G.A. Full Disclosure

MAKAGA: Full Disclosure

This is where the rubber meets the pavement people. Business owners across America; its time to MAKAGA

I will spare you a long drawn out read and details. I’ve been tight lipped about the MAKAGA Project, what it is and how it works. Once the idea is public I feel the giants who dominate the industry will pounce on this idea and business plan. It’s just the way it is; That’s life in the modern business world.

MAKAGA will not make you a millionaire, nor is MAKAGA suitable for every business but I firmly believe this plan will help most businesses become more profitable and help increase your profit margin. I believe for most businesses it just a matter of finding and implementing the right niche for your establishment and customers. Nobody knows their customers better than you! The small business owner’s of America.

Will MAKAGA cost you money and if so how much? The answer to that is absolutely YES! How Much and/or How little? Well thats up to you. But even on a small scale MAKAGA can help boost your bottom line and profit margin. It does not what business you are in. Real Estate, Hair salon, or convenient store or the hospitality industry or a casualty of the insane governmental overreach and draconian Covid 19 lock downs.

YES! It is that powerful!

Now… (if you are lucky enough to come across this post in spite of the big tech censorships ) Then you have a choice to make. Blow this off as some scam or make an inquiry to investigate if it may be for you. It’s your choice, I really don’t care or give a flying monkeys rats ass. It’s your business, operate and run it as you see fit.

That being said: feel free to fire away with your questions in the comment section or contact me. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

It’s a very simple, but powerful idea in the hands of a savy business professional. It’s not really so much about making America great again as it is about making you’re small business more financially stable and profitable. Your local community, city, state and America as a whole becoming stronger economically is just a frenge benafit. Enough is Enough! Its time to take back our lives, freedoms, businesses, livelihoods and our nation!

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